Projects is a platform for multifaceted product search using Semantic Web technology. Online shops can use a ping service to submit their RDFa annotated Web pages for processing. The platform is able to process these RDFa annotated (X)HTML pages and aggregate product information coming from different Web stores. implements solutions for the identification of products and the mapping of the categories in this process. Furthermore, when a loose vocabulary such as the Google RDFa vocabulary is used, the platform deals with the issue of heterogeneous information (e.g., currencies, rating scales, etc.). is a Web application for searching and browsing through Flickr resources. is an implementation of the Semantic Tag Clustering Search (STCS) framework, which enhances the user experience in interacting with tagging systems. With, the user can choose between 5 different search methods. There is the Dummy search engine, and the search engines which utilize semantic clusters, provided by one of the four semantic clustering methods proposed in STCS. The Dummy method is a search method which is used to benchmark the STCS framework.

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